Product Care

Thank you so much for your purchase. On this page I have all the care details for my products. If you need any more information please reach out to me. 



To keep your new bag looking great here are a few tips.

To keep the main body of the bag clean (cork/vinyl) wipe with a damp cloth of mildly soapy water and ensure you wipe it dry. To keep the feature flap and interior clean I recommend spot cleaning with some mildly soapy water. Do not put it in the washing machine as it will damage the exterior cork/vinyl. These instructions can also be used to keep the strap clean.


Cushion Cover

To keep your cushion cover looking its best you will need to wash it. As it is made from cotton material you are able to both machine wash and dry your cushion cover if required while hand washing and air drying are also options.

Simply remove the cover from the cushion insert using the zipper and being careful not the stretch the seam. I recommend washing with the zipper closed to prevent the fabric from catching on other items in the wash. To dry you can use a dryer or hang it out to air dry.

Before putting back onto the insert I would give it a quick iron to get any wrinkles out and keeping the cushion looking its best.


Hot Water Bottle Cover

To keep your hot water bottle cover clean you can wash and dry in a machine or by hand and air dry.

I would recommend washing with similar colour in case the colours run.

To put the cover onto the hot water bottle, as it is a snug fit, it is easier to put it on when the bottle is empty.


Key Fob

Due to your key fob being handled it is naturally going to get dirty. To keep it clean you can spot clean an affected area if there is a small stain or you can hand wash in a basin with some slightly soapy water. With either of the methods chosen allow the key fob to dry completely before resuming use.



To keep your quilt clean, you can wash it as you would wash any other load. As it is made from cotton it will not shrink. You can also use a machine dryer if you require.

This quilt has been machine washed and dried before reaching you, however, I cannot guarantee the colour fastness of the fabric.

To keep the colours vibrant and true I recommend using Colour Catchers. Colour Catchers are designed to catch any colour run off and prevent the other colours from picking up the colours. All you have to do is place a new colour catcher into the load and wash as per normal.



To keep your new wallet in tip top condition there are a few things to know.

To keep it clean only spot clean the area. This will ensure that the materials in the wallet are kept in crisp condition. When spot cleaning, use water or sightly soapy water and ensure that all soap is removed from the area before allowing to dry.